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Any services or treatment you receive from the SOCAD Practice is 100% confidential. Absolutely no information about your status as our client, or any information about you will be provided to any other parties without your express written consent.

Rarely, in some instances psychologists at the SOCAD Practice may discuss cases with other psychologists for the purpose of professional supervision. This is a mandatory requirement of professional development for all registered psychologists from 2010 onwards and ensures you receive the best possible treatment. Nevertheless, such discussions between psychologists do not identify names and remain bound by the same code of ethics and confidentiality. 

Beyond these conditions, there are just a handful of times when a psychologist in Australia is bound by state and federal law to disclose information to other parties without written consent. These include:

  • Serious physical injury to yourself or someone else.

  • Current or reported abuse of a child, and/or threat to abuse a child.

  • Details of a serious offense under the Major Crimes Act.

  • Information requested by a subpoena from the court of law.

If the psychologist believes that failing to disclose information to the relevant authorities may lead to one of the above-mentioned outcomes, they may be ethically and legally bound to intervene. Otherwise everything that is said within the walls of the SOCAD Practice stays there.

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